Cloudbreak 2012
Some of the photos and video from the historic Cloud Break session in 2012 when the WSL called off the Fiji Pro due to safety reasons and the worlds best big wave surfers caught some of the biggest waves caught in Fiji up to that day.
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Super Groms
Volcom grom team trip to Lakey Peak with Kobi Clements, Jackson Bunch, Hagan Johnson and Rasmus King
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Holy Stokes Sydney Trip – Dustin Dollin
Here is a behind the scenes clip i filmed and edited during Volcom Skate filming their feature film “HOLY STOKES” in Sydney. This episode features Dustin Dollin.
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Go behind the scenes with Volcom’s all-terrain freakshow Daan Van Der Linden, aka Skankie, in this exclusive edit filmed on a Holy Stokes Sydney trip. Also featuring Louie Lopez and the Volcom team. Video by Andrew Christie. Additional filming by Andrew Mapstone and others. Check the article in Slam Skateboarding Slam Magazine
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Volcom East Coast Australia Clip
Video shot around the WQS events in Sydney and Newcastle 2015
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East Coast Australia
Photos shot around the WQS events in Sydney and Newcastle 2015
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Road Trip
Volcom grom team drive from Sydney to the Gold Coast looking for waves.
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